Are your employees struggling with insurance denials & coverage issues?

Do they need help reviewing & negotiating medical bills?

Are they overwhelmed with caregiving responsibilities on the job?

Let KTS Advocacy, a professionally managed healthcare advocate, improve their well-being by helping them navigate the healthcare system!

The health care system is so complex that more than half of consumers are unable to navigate it on their own, triggering avoidable customer service calls and more costly care.

KTS Advocacy, owned and operated by Karen Silber, MSW, LSW, BCPA, will provide support for your employees to reduce their stress so they can focus on their work.

A healthcare advocate can support employees in many different ways.

  • Assist with insurance denials and coverage issues
  • Review and negotiate medical bills
  • Support caregiving responsibilities
  • Support/guidance for mental health & substance abuse issues
  • Translate medical jargon
  • Research treatment options, providers & facilities
  • Assist with transition home from the hospital
  • Schedule and attend appointments
  • Arrange community resources
  • End of life planning/advanced directives
  • Wellness and preventive health coaching
  • Plus much more!

The benefits for your employees and you!

  • An advocate saves employees time, headaches, and money
  • Outsourcing to a patient advocate saves HR staff time to spend on other matters
  • Caregiving support reducing stress for the employee
  • Employer shows care and concern for their employees increasing employee satisfaction
  • Improve productivity; reduce presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Allows employees to be supported without the need of their employer to manage their sensitive and personal issue
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